Панорамы, искажения перспективы

Fisheye to Rectilinear correction can be done using a number of programs. For the image shown here I used Panotools. It has two things going for it. First it’s probably the most powerful tool available for image correction and panoramic stitching as well as a number of other functions. Second it’s free! The only downside is that it is slightly “geekware”…


FREE и предлагаются оболочки-интерфейсы, пока не смотре, есть ли бесплатные.

Perspective correction can be done by most popular image editing programs. I used Picture Publisher 8.0’s transform tool for this example, but you could just as easily use PhotoShop using the crop tool’s perspective option.
Есть такая опция. Но “бочку” или “подушку” она не исправит.
Продолжаем искать простой инструмент.


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    FWIW, Picture Window Pro includes a lens distortion correction funtion that will fix fisheye distortion. It seems quite easy to use. It also has a perspective correction function.


    A 30-day evaluation version of Picture Window Pro 4.0. The evaluation version can be converted to a full working version by purchasing a serial number.
    For Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista

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    Using Frame Explorer

    Creating an effective framing design can be surprisingly hard. There are so many decisions to make — the frame, the number of mats, their widths, colors and textures. And it is so hard to visualize the final product or see the effect of changes until the finished frame is delivered.

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